My beloved beardie had an apparent stroke in my arms and I started CPR to save Big Al. After breathing was stabilized I called my vet and they were closed for the holiday. I am truly thankful that the Emergency Pet Clinic agreed to see Big Al seeing that they do not treat reptiles. They were quick to take Big Al to the back upon arrival. They were very compassionate and understanding how hard this was on me. They could no longer detect a heart rate and they offered to do CPR. I decided not to continue because I could not bare to see my pet suffer any more than he already had. They provided me options and allowed me time to spend in a private room with Big Al alone. They accepted my wishes and they never put me through any pressures to alter my decision. They were all professional and they did the best they could under the circumstances.

I apologize for taking so long to thank you because I am still grieving over the loss of the greatest pet that I have ever owned. Thank you for putting my mind at peace so that I did not have to second guess myself. The veterinarian was very knowledgeable to warn me about salmonella poisoning after doing CPR on Big Al. For a pet clinic that does not treat reptiles do have quite a bit of knowledge about reptiles to be able to provide cautionary statements like that. I would trust this clinic with any animal.

– Keith W.

My baby girl was on labor for hours. Middle of the night I had to make the decision to take her to the ER. I couldn’t be more greatful for their staff. They ensured Gucci was comfortable and safe. Im greatful for the fast action and minute to minute updates.

– Tifani J.

I had to take my poor Einstein here this past weekend. We thought he was having an asthma attack and rushed him to the closest vet. As a back story, we had only recently moved here about a month ago from NJ, so this was the first time we were here and didn’t have much time to decide on a place. They took my cat in the moment we got there, early Saturday morning, and were able to diagnose him very quickly. We only waited about 30 minutes for the vet to come and tell us he had a blood clot and heart disease. She kept it simple, told us there was a few things we could do for him, but the longest he would live would be around 3-6 months and could have another blood clot at any time. It was a really hard decision, when you think you are taking your cat in for an asthma attack to find out instead that he has heart disease and the blood clot is blocking his back legs from getting any blood as well as a blood clot in his lungs, and your choice is to treat it and he may go through all this pain again when you are not home or to end his suffering. They gave us our space and time, first to make one of the hardest but correct decisions to make to put him down to make sure he didn’t suffer like this again, and to say goodbye to him. The staff and doctor were very sweet. Not once did they rush us and they gave us the prices up front so we knew what we would be paying. The procedure was done quickly and my cat didn’t suffer.

As for prices, I’m not sure what the normal rate is for putting an animal down, and getting them cremated. I know I have paid more up in NJ, so I would say this place is decent on prices and just remember, animals are not a cheap thing. If they are young, get pet insurance on them. Honestly, if my cat had been younger, I would have, but a 14 year old cat, pet insurance wasn’t possible.

– Casandra V.

Unfortunately I don’t have the money to take my love, my English Bulldogge, Ms. Amy, who is 9 years old, in to be treated. So I called & spoke to a young lady named Vickie. As I asked about doing certain things, she was very helpful in guiding me in trying to care for my love at home. Ms. Amy, the love of my life & my whole world. THANK YOU SO MUCH. I will bring her in when my funds are available on Wednesday. This situation I’m in, & the way I was treated of the phone, speaks volumes of the integrity of this facility & the character of the employees. I can only speak highly of Emergency Pet Center & I haven’t even been in yet.

– Shei W.

Late to write a review, but have to say I loved this place. My diabetic cat had become sick and we could tell he was feeling extremely cruddy. At 2am, they took him in and I could tell the vets were very passionate about making sure my fur baby would feel better. The staff was always polite and knowledgeable, and made the experience much more comfortable considering how terrified we were. A huge thank you and a huge recommendation to Emergency Pet Center!

– Ms. Izzy